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Spring Security and
Crime Prevention Advice

Burglars like to work undercover, so trim back your hedges this spring

  • Cut back overgrown areas.
  • Use gravel on paths and driveways to help deter burglars from approaching your property.
  • Clever planting can also help. Use prickly plants and shrubs close to vulnerable areas such as windows, fences, boundary walls and drain pipes.

Don't let burglars make easy work of your property. Keep garden tools locked away

  • Has your shed and fencing been damaged over the winter, which could help a thief gain access? If so get it fixed now.
  • Make sure your shed has good security. Use a strong hasp and close shackle padlock. Use coach bolts or non-return screws to secure door hinges, hasp and staples.
  • Invest in metal grills or mesh for your sheds/garage windows.
  • Use an alarm. If you have a house alarm you could have it upgraded to include your shed or garage, or use a battery operated alarm as a deterrent.
  • Don't leave tools or ladders lying around in your garden as they could be used to break into your home, chain lawnmowers, tools, ladders, garden furniture and other items to a strong anchorage point.
  • Make sure your garden gates are secure and fit trellis to fencing to help deter burglars

Make your valuables less attractive to steal

  • Mark garden furniture and DIY equipment with your postcode and house number (or name) by engraving or painting. For heavier metal items such as lawn mowers, use a hammer and set of punches.
  • Photograph valuable garden plants and ornaments to help identify them in the event of a theft.
  • Check your household insurance covers theft from your garden or outbuildings.

Get on your bike and make the most of the warmer weather but make sure you protect your bike

  • Use a visible tamperproof label on your bike frame. Keep details of the frame number, make, model and type of bike and also take a photograph.
  • Make sure you use a good padlock and chain and always lock up your bike when it's unattended even if it's only for a few minutes.

Have a good night's sleep and remember to leave your car keys out of sight and out of reach

  • Make sure your car keys are out of view, don't keep them near the letterbox or open windows, as they can be fished out by a burglar  without having to physically break in.

Planning a spring get away? Make your home look lived in while you're away

  • Install timer switches on lights and radios.
  • If possible leave a car in your driveway or ask a neighbour to park their car on your driveway whilst you'e away.
  • Ask a neighbour to check on your home while you're away and move any post out of sight.

Spring clean your home and make sure high value items are kept hidden from view

  • Make sure windows and door locks are in good repair.
  • When you've made your garden, shed, garage and out buildings secure, remember to lock things away once you've finished using them.
This advice courtesy of Crawley Borough Council.

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