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An EU ruling was introduced that changed the way that email is used as a marketing tool. Directive 2002/58/EC of the European Parliament states where a company or organisation does not have an existing relationship with you, that unsolicited email may only be sent to subscribers who have given prior consent. This became law in the UK on 11th December 2003. CHNW is not a marketing organisation in the strict sense of the legislation; however, we are following the spirit of the legislation by avoiding sending unwanted email messages to contacts and others with an interest in CHNW who do not wish to receive such communications.

It is our intention to communicate with our contacts using their preferred methods. We also take seriously our attitude towards the issue of unsolicited email. Therefore we ask that requests to receive CHNW  Email News & Alerts are made through the Subscribe link on the web site or by email to or Our Newsletter will only be sent by email to those who opted for this when filling in the form to join Canford Heath Neighborhood Watch.

All email messages sent by CHNW have a link at the end of the message which will automatically unsubscribe email addresses of those who do not wish to receive such communications from CHNW.

Please contact the webmaster at if you need to clarify this procedure or have a problem deleting your subscription in which case it will be deleted manually.

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