Canford Heath Neighbourhood Watch would like to wish everyone a happy, healthy, and crime free New Year!

Alerts & Updates

Police request for witnesses: Friday 8th of February 2019

Between 3.00 p.m. on Tuesday the 5th of February and 2.00 p.m. on Wednesday the 6th of February 2019 a theft from a stationary and unattended motor vehicle occurred in the Knowlton Road area of Canford Heath West, Poole. The offender(s) stole a catalytic converter from this vehicle.

If you saw or heard anything suspicious or have any information please call Dorset Police on 101 or ask.ned or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 quoting occurrence number 55190019410.

Police request for witnesses: Monday 4th of February 2019

On Saturday the 2nd of February 2019 from 11.50 p.m. onwards criminal damage to a stationary and unattended motor vehicle occurred in the Walditch Gardens area of Canford Heath West, Poole. The offender(s) used a brick to smash the front windscreen of this vehicle.

If you saw or heard anything suspicious or have any information please call Dorset Police on 101 or ask.ned or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 quoting occurrence number 55190017401.


What is Neighbourhood Watch?

Everyone knows that the police are there to fight crime, but they cannot work on their own. They need the help and support of the community. The local residents are the 'Eyes and Ears' of the community. Neighbourhood Watch is about local people working in an active partnership with the police, and other agencies, to reduce crime and make the area where they live in a safer and more pleasant place for everyone. As well as crime prevention and safety issues Canford Heath Neighbourhood Watch also works within the community to help the elderly and vulnerable.

In Canford Heath we have a Neighbourhood Watch scheme. It covers a large area from the heath in the north to Dorset Way in the south, and Waterloo Road in the west to the roads off Sherbourne Crescent in the east.

How does Neighbourhood Watch work?

Most people know their neighbours and probably other residents living in their road. Many people work and are away from their homes most of the day. Others are at home or work based at home. Because you know your neighbours and something about the way they live you are the best person to notice if something unusual is happening: Maybe a person in a neighbour's garden while you know they are away on holiday, or an elderly neighbour you haven't seen in a while who may have had a fall, or just a person you don't recognise walking along the street looking at the houses.

To help reduce crime Neighbourhood Watch works in collaboration with the local police's Safer Neighbourhood Team to feed information about possible incidents to them, and, in return the police keep Neighbourhood Watch informed of incidents relevant to their area. Much of this information is transmitted via a system called 'Dorset Alert' which is available for anyone to sign up to and will use email or telephone messaging to send alerts of relevant activity in your area.

If I see something happening what should I do?

If you are suspicious that someone is acting in an unusual wat, it is advisable to call the local Safer Neighbourhood Team and give a description of what you saw, ideally descriptions of both what was happening and those involved. The telephone number is 101, or if you see a serious crime currently being committed 999.

My road is not in the Neighbourhood Watch, can we join?

Yes. All it needs is for one person in the street to act as a contact point for others. This can be as few or as many residents as the contact is prepared to act on behalf of. The scheme will supply all the information required to set up a new street on the system. So if there people willing to join in your street or area all you need to do is contact us (Details further down page) and we will support and advise you through becoming your streets contact point and getting set up. Nearly 700 residents on Canford Heath have already joined so you'll be in good company! The more people who join the stronger the message we send out to the criminally minded that Canford Heath is not a good place to pursue their unpleasant activities... Remember crime cannot flourish in a community that cares.

You can become a member of Canford Heath Neighbourhood Watch for just two pounds per year, and if you would like more information on the help Canford Heath Neighbourhood Watch provides to the community you can download our 'What does my two pound membership do for me?' leaflet below. If you are interested in joining or have any further questions please don't hesitate to contact us (Details below).

As well as joining the neighbourhood watch we also recommend you sign up to Dorset Alert a live local alert system keeping you informed of crime and anti-social behaviour in the local area.

Download 'What does my two pounds membership do for me?' Leaflet.

Scam warning from Dorset Police

Dorset Police has recently received a number of reports from members of the public that they have been telephoned by someone claiming to be a police officer from London, telling them that police have arrested someone trying to use their bank account details fraudulently.
This is a scam. Do not carry out any instructions given by the bogus police officer.
The bogus police officer will ask the victim to hang up and call their bank. If the victim does so, they will be talking to the fraudster or an accomplice on the same line, as they will not have disconnected their end of the call. The fraudsters will ask for bank account details: this is the purpose of the scam.
If you are still uncertain and concerned, hang up anyway and use a different phone to call your bank using a number you know to be correct, they won't mind. Then report the fraud attempt here:

Remember:The police would never make a call of this nature, so don't engage with the fraudster, just hang-up the phone. Never give bank details over the phone. Don't be rushed; the fraudsters will deliberately rush you, so that you feel you need to give them information quickly, even if they say it is important, don't give them any personal information. If you want to give your bank a call after one of these phone calls, always use a different phone line to do so. Don't be hushed by the fraudster if you think you have received one of these phone calls or think you're a victim of this type of fraud, always report it to Action Fraud.

To report a fraud and receive a police crime reference number, contact Action Fraud either by phone on 0300 123 2040 or via their website.

Message Sent By Communications Team (Dorset Police, CED, Dorset)

Scam alert: "Nottingham Knockers" active in the area.

Please be aware there appears to be an increase in reports of "NOTTINGHAM KNOCKERS" across DORSET since the beginning of December.

So far they have left upon being spoken to by residents and goods have not been purchased. The "NOTTINGHAM KNOCKERS" are described as young males with either Liverpudlian or Geordie accents asking for cleaning products to be purchased as part of their rehabilitation from prison. They are showing residents a PEDDLERS licence which we do not believe are genuine.

Can I please ask you to spread the word and encourage residents to do the following:

  • Do not purchase anything from anyone attending their address uninvited
  • Do not answer the door or allow anyone access to your property
  • Contact 101 and report to enable Police to map the locations the NOTTINGHAM KNOCKERS have visited with times and any description

Amazing People Required!

Safer Poole begins its search for this years John Jay Shield winners

The Safer Poole Partnership is looking for the next winners of the John Jay Shield, and is asking everyone to consider nominating a community safety hero for the award.

This year's search marks the 22nd year of the awards, and will be celebrated, with some of the previous winners, at the Poole Civic Centre on 7th February 2019.

The shield is presented each year to the individual or group judged to have contributed the most to making Poole a safer place.

The deadline for nominations is Friday 11th January 2019.

For more information about the awards and to nominate someone

Message from Inspector Adrian Thompson
regarding Anti-Social Behavious and "Operation Force"

There has been a sharp increase in ASB in areas of Poole recently, most notably Canford Heath.
The Operational Group (PCG) has remarked previously on the increased mobility across areas of some young people involved in ASB, with Poole based young people coming to notice in locations as far apart as Bournemouth, Weymouth and Eastleigh (both are on the same East-West train line).

In response to this we have been working very closely with the Safer Communities Team to challenge the behaviour of the group and reduce the impact of their behaviour issues on the community. Whilst this work is ongoing there was a need for a highly visible presence and response to the issues and so we have instigated Op Force

OPERATION FORCE will be in effect for the next two weeks and will focus on ASB and low level youth related criminality. There will be a secondary tasking around the town centre and Alexandra Park vagrancy and street addiction issues. The primary tasking will involve:-

  • Default tasking for Poole NPT officers will be an ASB Van Crew led by Sgt Sean Snaith. The team will work as one from the PSU van as a group (PC & PCSO) and a vehicle to allow for other tasks in the community.
  • The NPT will attend hot spot locations and park up; all officers will alight and carry out foot patrol and reassurance in this area for 15 on average, this is in line with Evidence Based Policing (EBP) model within a Koper Curve Model; there is science behind it (Details Here). The target areas for Operation Force will be:
    • Canford Heath
    • Asda Neighbourhood Centre
    • Verity Park
    • Adastral Square
    • Dale Valley Road
    • The Branksome centre/recreation ground
  • These patrols will carry on through days and lates

All activity will be logged and when NPT resources are reduced over this period due to rest days and other commitments I have requested support from other police units. This was agreed so you will see EPT officers on foot in the town for Fireworks, Ops units (firearms etc) defaulting patrols to the area. We also had support from Bournemouth NPT over this last weekend to make sure we maintain the presence in the area.

The intention is that positive action will be taken for any offending and where there are grounds a Power of Arrest is to be utilised; we will also use Section 35 dispersal Orders at key times

In June 2018 we saw a welcome overall fall in Anti-Social Behaviour in Poole (489 recorded incidents, down from 520 in May, and 554 in June 2017). The decrease was concentrated in Poole Town Centre (123 recorded incidents, down from 181 in May, and from 143 in June 2017). July figures for Poole Town Centre show a further decrease, to 109 Incidents (compared to 173 in July 2017). These are significant falls and is down to the hard work of the NPT and partners to engage and tackle these groups.

Please can I ask that you remind residents of the success of the partnership overall as these are the positive stories; ASB is not a forever thing so let's talk positively.

Canford Heath is now plateauing and although there have been concerns expressed regarding recent increases in Anti-Social Behaviour in Rossmore and Alderney, it does not appear to be at historic high levels across the area as a whole. The partnership is working and as we improve and change our meeting structures to focus the efforts of the SNT partners we will see long term improvements.

There is a press release planned about Operation Force so please share the details of the operation, it is not a covert thing we are out in high visibility in a massive van so the more people who know the greater effect we will have.

Thank you
Adrian Thompson (2155)
Inspector - Poole Neighbourhoods

What's Happening Soon?

Our next event will be announced soon, please keep checking back!

Our previous events...

December '18 - Elderly Residents Christmas Luncheon Club

Once again, for the third year now, Vic Martin and his Team hosted Christmas Dinner for the areas elderly and Canford Heath Neighbourhood Watch were on hand to help serve hot Christmas Turkey with all the trimmings and providing each attendee 'goody'. All received with many thanks from those attending, and we look forward to the same again next year.

September '18 - Annual General Meeting

Our AGM took place at 7pm on Wednesday 19th September aonce again hosted at St. Paul's Church
Guest speakers for the event were Janet Walton (Leader of Poole Council) and Sean Gabriel (Mayor of Poole) there will also be refreshments of tea, coffee, and cake and biscuits. For more details and agenda please see the PDF downloads below.

Thanks to all who attended.

2018 AGM Agenda

Letter From The Chairman

December '17 - Elderly Residents Christmas Luncheon Club

An enormous success the luncheon guests said about the recent Christmas lunch held on 13th December with over 60 elderly people having their lunch organised by Vic Martin and his Team. The Canford Heath Neighbourhood Watch were there serving plates of hot Christmas Turkey with all the trimmings which also included fresh fruit salad and Christmas pudding. Dressed for the occasion Sandra, Vickie and Sean from CHNW were on hand to have their photo taken alongside Vic Martin before the lunch started. This is now the second year that CHNW have provided gifts for those attending and each 'goody' bag contained bars of chocolate and a large packet of biscuits. All received with many thanks from those attending.

Afterwards, Christmas carols were sung in the Church followed by a raffle of which all participants received a prize. What a lovely day.


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'Stay Safe' is a booklet produced by The Association Of Dorset Watches in association with Neighbourhood Watch as a free guide offering advice on all manners of personal safety including Fire Safety, Home Security and Fraud Prevention, as well as many more. It offers useful tips on all types of safety precautions from services like the Fire Brigade and Dorset Police, advice on what security products you should own and reputable suppliers from which they're available, as well as a directory of useful contacts for any further help and information you may need. You can have a flick through below (Swipe with mouse or on touchscreen to turn pages) Alternatively copies of the booklet are available for free as a PDF download from this website (link below) or to obtain a printed copy contact The Association of Dorset Watches.

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